About Golden Summit

    Golden Summit Hotel is a quasi four-star hotel located on the Golden Summit of Mt. Emei,,a world cultural and natural heritage site.A designated tourism hotel in Emeishan city,the hotel is 3079 meters above the sea level and has an immediate access to the unique attractions on the Golden Summit,such as Sunrise,clouds sea,Buddha's Halo and Four-faced Buddha.Located on the Golden Summit,the hotel commamds an escellent view of the surrounding attractions.As a matter of fact, every window of it affords a gorgeous view and gives great convenience to guests coming for Mt.Emei's splendid scenery.
    The hotel undergone an extensive overhaul and upgrading in 2009 and has brought about an even more comfortable environment. It currently has 127 guesrooms ans 247 beds, The hotel has a Chinaese restaurant that can accommodate 150 diners, including two banquet halls, and thet provides a full array of unique delicacies of Mt. Emei. In addition, the hotel has a meeting room that can accommodate 50 persons.
    Excellently located in the vicinity of the No. 1 golden Buddha statue of the world and blessed by gorgeous breathtaking scenery, Golden Summit Hotel will welcome guests from all over the world with premium services.